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Ganxy Universal Store

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Main benefits

An engaging showcase

Let readers preview, buy, and share your eBooks with ease – anywhere on the web

All devices, all retailers

Give your audience the option to buy and read exactly how they want

Ganxy direct sales

Control your promotions and earn a greater percentage on each sale with Ganxy (see details)

Know your readers

Learn more about your readers by linking Ganxy to tools like Google Analytics

Ganxy is a forward-thinking company focused on increasing our revenues and giving our readers the best possible experience. They've been great to work with!

— Scott Waxman, Chairman and Co-founder, Diversion Books

Let your readers choose a store...

No single retailer satisfies all your readers.

There are no fees from Ganxy for listing retailers in the Universal Store!

...and even buy directly from you

Ganxy’s direct sales allows you to:
  • Build and nurture relationships with readers
  • Earn more per sale by keeping 90% of sales revenue see details
  • Get paid anytime (no need to wait for 30 or more days) see details

When readers buy direct, Ganxy handles everything from
payment processing to customer support to content delivery.



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