Firestone, Denver Cereal Volume 10


Firestone, Denver Cereal Volume 10

by Claudia Hall Christian

Ending a curse and saving the fairy world is fun, but at some point you have to do the laundry. For Jill, that means returning to the Castle to have her twins — Tanner and Michael. Blane begins bone marrow transplant which will end his ongoing health issues or kill him. Tink, Charlie and Ivy must relive their personal experiences with the gang rapes for the strangers on the Grand Jury. Sandy comes face to face with the detective who killed her mother only to discover a secret gift from her mother. With the help of an ancient sword and meddling fairies, Heather gets a chance to live the rest of her life. In the middle of it all, a young boy arrives from Atlanta to change Tanesha and Jeraine’s lives forever.

In Firestone, our beloved Denver Cereal characters face difficult life challenges with their usual grace, laughter, and loving support for each other.


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