The Answer Man: 25 years of facts ... mostly


The Answer Man: 25 years of facts ... mostly

by Matthew Alice

For more than 25 years, Matthew Alice answered readers’ questions in his column, “Straight from the Hip,” in the San Diego Reader. No subject was too obscure for Alice, and the notorious answer man settled bets on everything from astrophysics to the word origins. This is a collection of all the best Q’s and A’s dispatched from the Alice Research Institute over the years.

Even More about Alice

Matthew Alice is between three and seven feet tall and has been known to consume as much as three roast pigs, two kegs of beer, a gallon of cheap plonk, and seventeen cream pies in a single meal; though he could survive equally well on a diet of sunlight, tap water, and Melba Toast. He could bench press a Volkswagon, checkmate Bobby Fischer, or go stroke for stroke with Tiger Woods, but tact and modesty prevent him from doing so. The phrase “tall, dark, and handsome” did not exist before his birth, and has been misused in reference to everyone else since. He does not need a cell phone, because he can hear the world cry out for the knowledge which is his to share. All roads lead, eventually, to Matthew.


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