The Attack of the Woodwose


The Attack of the Woodwose

by Selena Cooper

Upon returning home with his human fiance Berta, Reghan the Leprechaun learns that his brother is hiding the sister of Sloan, the Clurichaun who, along with his men, recently attacked Reghan. Reghan goes to tell Sloan that his sister is safe before the Clurichauns determine she's been kidnapped.

At Sloan's manor, the men are informed of an impending attack against both the Clurichauns and the Leprechauns by a vicious tribe known as the Woodwose. The only way they can win the battle against the Woodwose is to stand together.

Now they must convince their clans of that!

Previously published in the Hot, Strong, and Irish anthology...

THE LEPRECHAUN’S LADY - Berta is a sensible woman who doesn't believe in fairy tales...until she finds a wounded leprechaun in the field near her house and has to nurse him back to health. Who knew mythical creatures could be so sexy?


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