Larkspur, Denver Cereal Volume 9


Larkspur, Denver Cereal Volume 9

by Claudia Hall Christian

A massive earthquake upends their old construction site, and Jacob and the Lipson Construction crews take the lead in the rescue operation. When Jill begins the early stages of labor, mysterious creatures appear around the Castle, and Jacob and Sam are whisked to the Isle of Man to break the curse on the Marlowe males which dooms Jill’s twins.

While Jacob struggles to come to terms with a demanding Fairy Queen, conspirators attack Jill and her friends in order to steal her sons. One by one, the family is called to fight the curse until they are all assembled on a battlefield facing down an ancient enemy. Through their efforts, the Fairy Queen is reunited with her King, a battle that’s been waged for a millennium ends, and a child’s betrayal is set right. In the nick of time, the vicarious warriors are returned to the Castle where Jill gives birth to two baby boys with unknown abilities.

Larkspur is an action packed ride through ancient myth and present day madness giving rise to the wild mix of delightful characters and loving friends that can only be the Denver Cereal. Larkspur is the ninth installment of the Denver Cereal. An Internet sensation, Denver Cereal is a serial fiction grounded in Uptown Denver, Colorado.


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