Profit From Forex Price Action: Proven Strategies For A Profitable Trade

by Atif Choudhury

This book is written by a trader for a trader.

“Profit From Forex Price Action” contains over 50 colored charts with real market example to demonstrate all six strategies used by the author for his day to day trading. It’s an easy-to-use practical guide to Forex trading.

To be successful in trading, you must have a good trustworthy chart setup. In this book, the author shows you how to setup the chart using his strategy to trade Forex profitably. There are lots of indicators out there, but the author uses only a few for his Forex trading strategy.

The strategies you will learn from this book are:

1. How to use Pivot Points to your advantage.
2. How to use Opening Range to your advantage.
3. How to use Ichimuko Cloud to your advantage.
4. How to use Bollinger Bands to your advantage.
5. How to use Fibonacci Retracement to your advantage.
6. How to find a trade for a bigger profit.

Knowing, how to properly use any technical indicator is the difference between the success and failure. All those indicators and their information are available on the Internet, but still traders are losing money trading Forex. The reason: indicators alone can’t help you to win your trades. You have to have some good strategies to use with these indicators to win. The author of this book shows you how he uses them to his advantage.

This is a must read book for any Forex traders, whether you are an experienced trader or new to this market. The book will show you, a different way to look at the Forex market to become successful. 



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