OOPS: Twenty Life Lessons From the Fiascoes That Shaped America


OOPS: Twenty Life Lessons From the Fiascoes That Shaped America

by Martin J. Smith and Patrick J. Kiger

Americans’ failures are as spectacular as their successes: bridges that collapse; flying cars that crash; sports promotions run amok; deodorant that nearly destroyed the earth; even failures that failed to happen! Veteran journalists Martin J. Smith and Patrick J. Kiger select twenty miscues, goofs, complications, and failures that shaped modern America and reveal the life lessons these gaffes teach, including:

–Accentuate the Positive: How Thomas Edison Invented Trash Talk

–Understand the Market: The 1967 Monkees–Jimi Hendrix Concert Tour

–Desperation Is the Cradle of Bad Ideas: Cleveland Indians’ Ten-Cent Beer Night

–Sweat the Details: The Sixty-Story John Hancock Guillotine

Enriched by handy clip-’n’-save “Recipes for Disaster,” Oops proves that when it comes to failure, truth is stranger than fiction.

“This addition to the weird history subgenre is as informative as it is entertaining. …Most enjoyable are the chapters on jaw-droppingly ridiculous decisions, such as Jimi Hendrix opening for the Monkees in 1967 or the 1974 Cleveland Indians 10-cent beer night that turned into one of pro sports’ ugliest riots.”--Publishers Weekly

“If you’re in the mood for reading matter that’s informative, entertaining and, in the gentlest way, educational, there’s a lot to be learned from the lessons to be found in the curriculum of ‘Oops’.”--Los Angeles Times


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