The D'Honneur'Bane: Winter


The D'Honneur'Bane: Winter

by Jared W Lindenberg

The epic tale of a people engulfed in the bane of unrelenting war, clinging to the promise of honor. 

The D'Honneur'Bane: Seasons Book I: Winter 

B'Lynn, a ten year old child forced into a life of prostitution by her Father, is inadvertently freed by a legendary D'Amère warrior.  She joins him on a year long journey across the war ravaged land of V'Alisia seeking the secluded home of the Ra'Jinjet'Na, a mystic society of warrior assassins.  As they journey through the seasons, they face many challenges, and are beset by countless warriors, duty bound and glory seeking alike.  As B'Lynn wrestles with her fear and struggles to overcome her tortured past, she begins to unravel the mysterious origin of the warrior who will have a profound effect on her life.


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