Now or Never (A Last Chance Romance, Part 1)

by Logan Belle

Logan Belle's most personal work to date proves that it is never too late for love and romance.

"This one is a fantastic read… The sexual tension is off the charts, and the beginnings of Claire and Justin’s romantic relationship intrigues greatly. Now or Never is the perfect choice for those readers looking for an older heroine." - Romance Novel News Recommend Read!

“It's my favorite sort of read.  Don't miss this.  It's wonderful. Final Grade = A” - Wendy the Super Librarian

Claire is looking forward to some romance now that her son is finally off to college.  As a devoted single mother she desperately needs to get her groove back and make up for lost time.  But a sudden crisis has her wondering if her sex life will be over before she even goes on her first date.

When Claire meets Justin, she cannot understand why the handsome, charming guy who can get any woman he wants is so preoccupied with her and her dilemma.  What is wrong with him?  And why is he pushing Claire so hard to complete her sexual bucket list?

Figuring out Justin and the getting through her ‘now or never’ list of fantasies just might get Claire her real life happily ever after…

“Sexual bucket list? I need to get one of those.” - USA Today

"It is not often that a book both entertains and makes you look deep within yourself.” - Heroes and Heartbreakers

“Fun, fun, fun!” - Chick Lit is Not Dead

“Brilliantly written." — Saranna DeWylde, author of How to Seduce a Demon in 10 Days


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