Let's Play Math: How Homeschooling Families Can Learn Math Together, and Enjoy It!

by Denise Gaskins

Make Mathematics Come Alive with Activities and Games

Would you like to break out of the textbook mold and explore math through "living" books and activities? True mathematical thinking involves the same creative reasoning children use to solve puzzles. Your children can learn math concepts in surprising ways that awaken their minds to the beauty and fun of mathematics.

Whether you hope to replace your math program or just to supplement it, Let's Play Math will show you how to turn math into a learning adventure for the whole family. Introduce your children to the "Aha!" factor, the thrill of solving a challenging problem, and build thinking skills with toys, games, and library books. Find out how to choose math manipulatives or make your own. Discover a wealth of motivating, hands-on ideas for teaching math, and learn how to tackle story problems with confidence. 

"I knew the well-travelled road (maths curricula) wasn’t for us, but I lacked confidence in my ability to guide my children through uncharted territory. Let’s Play Math is the map and the guidebook I’ve been looking for." --Lula B., homeschooling mom


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