Silt, Denver Cereal Volume 8


Silt, Denver Cereal Volume 8

by Claudia Hall Christian

Charlie only wants to kiss his girlfriend, Tink, but dating Tink dumps him right in the middle of a ring of high school rapists brutalizing his school. In no time, Charlie finds himself in an interrogation room at the Denver Police Department. Following Nash and Teddy’s ingenious plan, Charlie uses his past as a street kid to take on the rape ring. The upheaval draws one of his friends into the Castle fold, as Delphie learns that Ivy is her niece. Tink finds her forever home with Heather and Blane, and while law enforcement grinds in the background, life seems headed in the right direction.

The pressure heats up when Jacob discovers deep fissures under the site of their first big project, and Lipson Construction transitions to employee ownership. Depressed and exhausted, he and Jill run away to their land outside of town.  Looking for solace, Jacob wanders into a spirit who informs that the gang rapists plan on letting Noelle take the brunt of their rage at Charlie. In the dramatic conclusion, Jacob steps up to take on the rapists with the help of a few friends, including dragon. His experience gives him the resolve to lead Lipson Construction through their most troubling times.

Come along for the sweet and crunchy ride that is Denver Cereal. Silt is the eight installment of the Denver Cereal. An Internet sensation, Denver Cereal is a serial fiction grounded in Uptown Denver, Colorado.


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