Mind Control 101: Hypnotizing My Little Sister's Best Friend


Mind Control 101: Hypnotizing My Little Sister's Best Friend

by Ellen Dominick

College students, Trevor and Lindsey, are taking an introductory psychology class when they are assigned a group project together. When Trevor discovers that he can use hypnosis to get more than a good grade, Lindsey is in for a steamy class project. He gradually eases her into dropping her clothes, showing off her hot body, and finally getting banged until she loses control. But will their hot after school activities be enough to get them an "A?"

Explicit: This hot 6,5000 word story contains explicit scenes of oral sex, masturbation, mind control, hypnosis, vaginal sex, inter-mammary sex (breast sex), creampie, and fingering as Trevor unleashes all of Lindsey's innermost desires.


 “You’re proud of your body, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am,” she says. She’s not much of a conversationalist while she’s under, but things seem to be going well.

“What are you most proud of?” I ask. I cross my fingers, please don’t say your nose.

“My boobs,” she says. Jackpot.

“You like showing your boobs off to everyone, don’t you?” I ask.


Okay, here is the moment of truth.

“You want to show them to me right now?” I ask, almost telling her.

I hold my breath and see her whole demeanor change. For a while, she doesn’t answer, move, or do anything. I think that maybe I’ve done it all wrong. But then I hear her panting and a blush creeps into her cheeks. Then it happens.

Lindsey reaches down to grab the bottom of her shirt and lifts it over her head. 


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