Training Kate: The Submission of a Maid - Book 2: Kate's Introduction


Training Kate: The Submission of a Maid - Book 2: Kate's Introduction

by Ellen Dominick

This is book 2 in the Training Kate Series. Please look for Training Kate: The Submission of a Maid - Book I: Kate's Exhibition to start from the beginning.

Kate, a maid, has been given to a rich older couple by her dom Michel. They get to do whatever they want with  for a weekend, and they seem to have something pretty big in store for her. Will Kate be able to become a proper submissive and learn all of their rules? Everyone and anyone can take Kate any time they want, and they do it often.  Kate is spanked, banged, humiliated, and thoroughly dominated, but the party hasn't even started yet.

Explicit: This kinky 9,000 word story contains explicit scenes of submission, domination, humiliation, lesbian sex, menage, oral sex, vaginal sex, multiple partner sex, spanking, BDSM, and cream pies from a whole house of people just waiting to get their hands on Kate, the new maid!  It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. 


"We want to hear you scream.” 

As he says this, he spanks me and I scream.

“Do you like that?” Albert asks. His voice is breathy. When I don’t reply immediately he hits my stinging bottom again. Tears come to my eyes and I whimper.

“You’re supposed to answer ‘Yes master, may I please have some more,’” Helen says.

More? My skin  is on fire. It must be black and blue from all of those slaps. I can imagine it, a large blue bruise blooming across my pale cheeks, staying with me for days. Albert smacks me again and I groan. No more time for imagining things.

He punctuates his words with slaps. 

“Kate, I thought I asked you a question. I said, ‘Do you like that?’”

There is almost no pause between his hand hitting me and the next blow now. Tears flow down my face and fall on the floor below me.


Albert’s hand pauses when I speak.

“Yes, Master! I love it! May I please have another?”


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