She's the Billionaire- Book I: Meet Your Boss, Chris Baker

She's the Billionaire- Book I: Meet Your Boss, Chris Baker

by Ellen Dominick

New lawyer Richard Holder can't wait to get personal with the lovely ladies of his firm. But when he crosses the line with his sexy boss, she makes him an offer he can't refuse. He'll have to bend over and swallow much more than just his pride. Can Richard obey his new Dom and keep his job?

Explicit: This kinky 4,000 word story contains explicit scenes of oral sex, first time anal sex, BDSM, secret office sex, pegging, and female domination  at the hands of a hot billionaire boss! It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. 


“I have a proposition for you,” she said. “Become my pet.”

Richard paused for a moment, blinking his eyes and trying to understand what she had said.

“What? Why?” he asked. Baker smiled again.

“For one: I imagine that you would like to continue working at this firm,” she said. She slowly extended one manicured finger for each point.

“Two: I also imagine you would like to continue being a lawyer, but I don’t think most firms smile on sexual harassment. Especially not from someone fresh out of school like you.” Richard gulped. He hadn’t thought of it like that before.

“Three: I saw the bulge in your pants yesterday,” she said. She looked directly into Richard’s eyes. “You liked it.”

He looked down, away from her gaze. Richard couldn’t deny it, even though he wanted to.

“So, do we have an understanding?" Baker asked.


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