The Baby and the Bathwater: What I Learned About Spirituality, Magic, Community, Ecstasy and Power from 25 Years in Reclaiming

by Anne A. Hill

The Baby and the Bathwater is a deeply personal chronicle of one woman's involvement in Reclaiming, the Earth-based spiritual tradition formed by Starhawk and others in 1980. Through a series of blog posts written over a four-year period, author Anne Hill re-visits the inspiring ideals that helped Reclaiming spread around the world, as well as the challenges that caused her and others to leave the tradition. 

The Baby and the Bathwater provides a vivid glimpse into the most popular nature religion of the 1980s and 90s, and examines whether the movement is capable of producing the social change it espouses. The book also includes blog comments written by Macha NightMare, Thorn Coyle, Deborah Oak, Cat Chapin-Bishop, and many others. This edited collection from the pages of the popular Blog o' Gnosis is sure to be of interest to readers of Anne's previous book with Starhawk, Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions, as well as anyone who has been inspired by The Spiral Dance or Earth-based spirituality.


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