What to Do When Dreams Go Bad: A Practical Guide to Nightmares

by Anne A. Hill

Why do we have nightmares? What should we do when we have one? 

While some nightmares may actually predict actual events and traumas, most of our bad dreams symbolize other conflicts in our lives. What to Do When Dreams Go Bad covers the effects of stress and sleep disturbances, how to tell night terrors from nightmares, and how to interpret common dream symbols in nightmares such as chase scenes, tidal waves, falling, and more. The heart of the book is a "dream first-aid" list, seven practical steps to take immediately following a nightmare, and in the days afterward. 

The book also shows how to use advanced dream techniques such as dream re-entry, re-scripting, and lucid dreaming to transform nightmares into creative allies. This advice is invaluable for parents whose children suffer nightmares, and readers of any age who are afflicted with disturbing dreams. 

Nightmares challenge us to live up to our potential and make use of new information and opportunities. Keep this book within easy reach and you too will be able use your bad dreams for good.


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