Cascade, Denver Cereal Volume 3


Cascade, Denver Cereal Volume 3

by Claudia Hall Christian

Peace comes to Denver Cereal, but demons from the past refuse to stay in the past. We learn of Sandy's horrific childhood and her boyfriend Aden responds with violence. His violent act ends with Sandy getting shot by her pedophile father and Aden lands in jail. Jill, her mother, and father tell the story that was to never ever be told and her family begins to heal. With the help of Heather, now his wife, Blane confronts his past loves and battles Hepatitis C. Beloved Delphie must confront a demon from her past. When he arrives to kill her and everyone else, he meets what he could never expect. Delphie's family battles for her. In the end, Jill bashes him with a hockey stick and Delphie survives a life threatening stroke.


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