Celia's Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2


Celia's Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2

by Claudia Hall Christian

Jacob and Valerie's mother, Celia, had a habit of helping lost people, called Celia's Puppies. In this second Volume of the Denver Cereal, Celia's puppies come to the forefront. We meet Jacob's noble step-sister Honey, we learn more about Jacob's ëcousin' Blane, and, via Oprah Winfrey, Valerie learns of Mike's terrifying time away from her. In the middle, Trevor and his fiancÈ attempt to kidnap Jill's daughter Katy and her best friend Paddie at a holiday party. The fiancÈ all but kills Honey. She is saved by her childhood sweetheart and Special Forces medic MJ and they reorient their lives and love. Jill and Jacob dance around getting married and, in the very end, they marry in an incredibly beautiful ceremony which includes every member of the Denver Cereal family. Of course, Sandy, Heather and Tanesha support, love and take steps forward toward their own happily ever afters.


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