The Three Levels of Prayer


The Three Levels of Prayer

by Wisdom Mupudzi

Congratulations on visiting this page.  You are about to take your prayer life and hence your life to a new dimension.

One of the things I have been involved in is the area of Intercession at my local church. 

It is this experience that made me realise that many people are missing out on the sheer power of prayer. Many people are very comfortable with Priestly intercession, however many are missing out on Kingly and Prophetic Intercession.

Kingly and Prophetic intercession enables a child of God to pray from a position of Authority and also to tap into the will of God in a more powerful way. I explain that in the book. 

This book will enable you to pray from your Royal position as a child of God. You will also be able to recognise when God is advancing you, He often advances and changes people's lives through realms. Unfortunately when many people are being ushered to new realms they fail to move and remain connected to an old realm. However, after reading this book, you will understand realms more and be able to recognise when God is moving you to a more superior realm.

You have an Uncommmon Destiny and this is your time to pray from your Royal Position. You will also learn the importance of the 4 night watches and also 4 day watches, you will learn how to maximise your prayer time by praying strategically. Get ready to super charge your prayer life and take your life to your next break through, you have an Uncommon Destiny! 2013 is the year to bypass boundaries and limitations, do this by tapping into the power of all three levels of prayer.


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