Man of Her Heart

by Bettye Griffin

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Olivia de Vries’s world is shattered when she learns that her husband, Reese, has been cheating on her. She promptly files for divorce and goes into seclusion with her infant son at her Manhattan apartment while she tries to adjust...and not to think about the man who, in spite of her having married Reese, has always held her heart...

Brian Price never stopped loving Liv, even after she left him four years before to take a job in Chicago. He was brokenhearted when she married another man, and even after she bore her husband a son, he couldn’t forget her. When he learns her marriage is over and that she and the baby are alone on Christmas Day, he rushes to New York to be with her. While much has changed, he’s determined to make her his again by Valentine's Day...this time for keeps.


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