Campmor Presents America's National Parks Collection


Campmor Presents America's National Parks Collection

by Questar Entertainment

  • It is the "big three!"  Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon are America's most- popular parks.
  • Groundbreaking in high definition! Never before have America's parks been filmed in high definition! 
  • Shot by acclaimed filmmaker Dennis Burkhart, a leading geographic photographer.
  • Produced with the approval of the National Park Service.

America's National Parks Collection: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon is a sweeping tour of the crown jewels in America's park system. Through gorgeous HD cinematography, these three programs captures the wonder and awe that millions of park visitors experience each year. From snow-dappled mountains to steaming hot springs, the unique ecosystems of each park are captured and chronicled.

In addition to showcasing their natural beauty, each program also gives an in-depth story of the history of each park. Learn about the first Native American residents who considered these lands sacred ground. Learn about the efforts of great Americans like Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir to ensure that these places would be preserved forever as a resource for all to enjoy!

Directed by Dennis Burkhardt
Runtime: 90 minutes


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