Touching the Void


Touching the Void

by Joe Simpson ---- $8.69 = £5.98 or less

Touching the Void transcends the mountaineering genre and has become an inspirational classic for people from all walks of life. The 25th Anniversary ebook now contains more than 50 images. It is the tale of two mountaineer’s harrowing ordeal in the Peruvian Andes. In the summer of 1985, two young, headstrong mountaineers set off to conquer an unclimbed route. They had triumphantly reached the summit, when a horrific accident mid-descent forced one friend to leave another for dead. Ambition, morality, fear and camaraderie are explored in this electronic edition of the mountaineering classic, with never before seen colour photographs taken during the trip itself. 

Included in the ebook is a link to a video interview with Joe, discussing the challenges and changes that have come to pass in the 25 years since original publication. (Internet connection required)

"On every level it is an outstanding literary achievement"--The Independent 

"A quite extraordinary and moving book... Touching the Void touches the Great Questions in an understated yet utterly compelling way"--The Guardian 

"A truly astonishing account of suffering and fortitude... the narrative acquires an irresistible force, carrying all before it."--Sunday TimesBook Description

Joe Simpson is the author of several bestselling books, of which the first, Touching the Void, won both the NCR award and the Boardman Tasker Award. His later books are This Game of Ghosts - the sequel to Touching the Void - Storms of Silence, Dark Shadows Falling, The Beckoning Silence and the novels, The Water People and The Sound of Gravity.


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