Strange Soul Mates

Strange Soul Mates

by C.L. Gordon

Steven is jealous, possessive, and ridiculously intoxicated. His girlfriend, Emily, won't respond to any of his alcohol-fueled texts and he's determined to let every last bar patron know of his frustration.

George Packard, an ex-government engineer with a seemingly sympathetic ear, claims to have the solution: a machine that promises to link the couple in a permanent, unconventional way. 

Steven isn’t sure that Emily will agree to his selfish designs. Though, if they truly are soul mates, Steven’s sure he’s allowed to take some liberties ...

Editorial Reviews - Mike Smith

Philip K Dick may have reincarnated himself in the form of C.L. Gordon. Reminiscent of We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (filmed as Total Recall) or The Minority Report, this book takes the germ of an idea – in this case, the desire to read someone’s thoughts – and weaves it into a short thriller.


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