Hope and Undead Elvis


Hope and Undead Elvis

by Ian Thomas Healy

Before the world ended, Hope was a down-and-out virgin stripper. Now she's pregnant with a baby prophesied to be the world's salvation. She is joined by Undead Elvis, who promises her that Graceland remains intact even though the rest of the world has become sand and ash. As Graceland is the only safe place left, Hope must undertake the perilous journey across a broken, unfamiliar landscape to reach it.

Along the way, she encounters cannibals, religious zealots, desperate con-men, and horrifying blackbirds that are the harbingers of death. All are ready to kill her to get at her miracle child. Although she finds precious few allies and friends on her path, the black moments never seem to stop and she struggles with uncertainty and loneliness. Somehow, she must find the resolve she needs in order to birth her child and ultimately heal the world that seems far beyond redemption.


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