A Fistful of Earth (Chronicles of Marsdenfel: Book 2)

by Misti Wolanski

She has the magic to save her friends—but it’ll cost their trust to use it, if not her life…

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Lallie Nonsire Cobbleson is no stranger to prejudice. From the orphanage that kicked her out for not quite being human, to those who spurn and shun her because she’s different, she knows full well how most folk like people they find strange. So when her friend, the illegitimate Evonalé Yunan, gets a crown and a husband, it doesn’t surprise Lallie that assassins soon follow.

Assassins that Lallie can kill, herself…if she dares admit what she's become.

But folk fear and hate what Lallie is with good reason. People who use magic commonly go insane, and Lallie’s magic is stronger than most. Strong enough that it’s taken control of her before, and done things she never would.

Protecting her friend the queen will force her to stop playing human and to admit what she is, abandoning the only life she's ever known. And that’s only if she survives those friends whose trust she'll shred by admitting her lies—and the magic she’ll have to use in doing it.

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Sequel to A Fistful of Earth.
Followed by A Fistful of Water.


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