Red Letters


Red Letters

by Krystina Stevens


An erotic suspense thriller from the author of the Lust and Larceny series

Tania Lane is a young woman in rural Connecticut who has fallen unwillingly into a routine of boredom. Her fiancé Martin, an ambitious investment banker, spends most days and many late evenings in New York City on business, leaving Tania alone in an upscale Westport neighborhood new to the couple. When he is home, he's distracted, busy, and tired. Her life wasn't turning out like she had hoped.

One fall day, an anonymous red envelope turns up in the mail addressed to Tania, and her boredom turns to excitement. The envelope contains a single slip of red parchment paper that bears one handwritten phrase: "You are beautiful."

Over the next two weeks, every few days, another letter arrives with a different, yet thrilling message. Tania keeps the letters from Martin, only letting her best friend Katie in on the secret, wondering who her admirer is.

When erotic gifts start showing up by private courier, Tania's excitement turns to desire. And when her mysterious admirer knocks on the door, her world is turned completely upside down. 

Life will never be the same. But Tania's fantasy admirer may not be all that he seems. Desire can have consequences.

Red Letters is an erotic suspense thriller that contains some graphic sex, violence, and profanity. For mature readers only.


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