Lust and Larceny


Lust and Larceny

by Krystina Stevens

An Ariana Walsh erotic thriller short story

Ariana Walsh is a professional thief, one who uses her skills, talent, and sex to always get what she wants. 

Trevor Garrison is a green eyed, blond haired computer genius, and Ariana's key to a major bank heist. 

Before the night is over, the two of them will be rich beyond measure, unless their lust for each other jeopardizes the job. 

Lust and Larceny is an erotic thriller short story of approximately 4,000 words (16 pages) and contains graphic sex and profanity. For mature readers only.


"Trevor," Ariana whispered, just loud enough for him to hear over the background whir of the server room's cooling fans. "Hurry up. You've got less than three minutes." She licked his earlobe...


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