Best Practices in New Product Introductions: Ten Ideas for Making New Product Launches Succeed


Best Practices in New Product Introductions: Ten Ideas for Making New Product Launches Succeed

by Louis Columbus

Hands-on guide for product marketing, product management, marketing and public relations professionals who regularly lead and manage new product introductions and product launches. It includes the top ten ideas gained from leading, contributing to and participating in over 100 product launches in high technology including enterprise software and computer systems. 

Pragmatic, practical advice based on the following top ten ideas for making new product launches succeed which include the following: 

• Choosing a leader who has passion and intensity for the vision of your products will make or break your product launch.

• Creating customer and influencer personas early in the launch can save you hundreds of meeting hours debating who the customer is and what their needs are.

• Define realistic, achievable launch objectives that can be easily monitored while also giving everyone in your company a chance to own and contribute to the launch. 

• Use a Communications Plan to promote the launch internally and keep it focused on customer needs externally.

• Create Launch Plans that seek to maximize sales cycles first, set speed records second. 

• The quickest way to get the sales team focused on your new product launch is give them a chance to own it, excel, and look like rock stars all at the same time. 

• Presales, Service and Operations launch tasks are often the longest, plan for them early.

• Use social media as part of your launch plan to focus on early adopters, experts and enthusiasts.

• Timing your product launch so your supply chain can keep up with new product demand is crucial, especially in High Tech. 

• Measure the effectiveness of your product launch strategy using analytics, sharing them company-wide in real-time. 

Includes a complete resources section with links to free, downloadable templates and examples of product launch plans. 


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