Spirits and Thought Forms: Tales from Prosperity Glades

by Jeffrey Kosh

Spirits, by their nature, are formless beings; in a way they are just memes. Each spirit represents something about human nature and wishes. Spirits are wishes made into flesh - or almost flesh.
A thought form can range in complexity from a simple emotional impression to a fully sentient and aware being, and in power from a minor servitor entity to a god. 
And they wear masks.
In Prosperity Glades all spirits wear a mask: the Veiled Queen, Nemesis, the Smiling Monster, the Dying Road, and the Cloaked Man.
These tales are all about masks, spirits, and thought forms. All take place in Prosperity Glades, because there's a weak spot between our world and the spiritual one, right in the middle of Grassy Swamp. 
And spirits - and thought forms - do thrive there.
Jeffrey Kosh invites you to return once again to that weird town in the heart of Florida's Everglades; where primal forces have a hold on human desires.
Yet beware, once there ... avoid making wishes.
They can come true and take form.


A FAIR WARNING: The tale 'She Was Waiting' is a small Erotica-Horror fiction, with strong language and sex scenes.


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