Something Real


Something Real

by Bettye Griffin

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Francesca Perry has a deep-rooted dislike of policemen, so when one of her friends introduces her to one of New York’s finest during a chance traffic encounter, she can barely disguise her hostility. But a freak accident soon has her at his mercy, and the gentle manner in which he treats her has her resolve beginning to thaw. Yes, her family has suffered indignities and a devastating loss at the hands of law enforcement…but are all men in blue bad guys? Suddenly she’s not so sure…

Officer Terrence Gulliver takes one look at the slim, curly-haired woman and is instantly captivated. He considers himself lucky that he knows her companion and can score an introduction, but Francesca’s—“Cesca” to her friends—barely concealed antagonism tells him he has no advantage. When Cesca is knocked unconscious, he moves to do what he does best…protect and serve. He promptly carries her to his patrol car to get her urgently needed medical attention…and as he holds her in his arms he resolves to charm her into changing her mind…for in her he senses something potentially different…something real. Show More Show Less


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