It’s OK to Tell: A Story of Hope and Recovery

It’s OK to Tell: A Story of Hope and Recovery

by Lauren Book

A memoir by a survivor of childhood sexual and physical abuse offers hope and support for victims and education for prevention.

Lauren’s story is about hope in the face of extreme adversity. Although it deals with a tremendously sensitive and “dark” subject, It’s OK to Tell carries a lasting positive impact. Lauren’s story empowers us all to address abuse issues in our own lives. Her memoir moves us to understand the deep emotional matrix that results from abuse and the incredible ability of an individual to recover and embrace life.

Lauren Book was a victim and is now survivor of child sexual abuse. Because of her experience, Ms. Book founded Lauren's Kids along with her father, Ronald Book, in 2007. Under Ms. Book's leadership, the nonprofit organization works to prevent sexual abuse and help survivors heal. It's OK to Tell tells her powerful story of hope and recovery.


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