by Yaasha Moriah

I cannot see him clearly. He is just a shadow at the edge of my vision, and if I flick my gaze toward him—flash! He is gone. But he is there again, standing just outside my range of vision, watching. The form is like a man, but the features are indistinguishable. 

Who is he, really?

I will ask.

Paul Graff, Literary Immersion Expert, makes up adventures for other people. He doesn't live through them himself. That is, not until the day he receives a strange request from a mysterious new client and meets an irrepressible little boy who makes impossible claims about Paul's future life. Then he finds himself in a race against an invasion that threatens to undo the entire fabric of Reality.

Author Yaasha Moriah offers a humorous, thought-provoking adventure that explores how our desires and fantasies shape our futures.


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