Dream Come True


Dream Come True

by Bettye Griffin

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Shayla Sterling is stunned to see her nearly 10-year-old son, Donovan, chatting with popular blues singer Luke Willis while she is catering a wedding at Eighty-Eight, Mississippi's most elegant venue and he is providing entertainment. The handsome entertainer, her celebrity crush, was the man she used as a model when Donovan began asking about his father. Donovan has always been interested in music, and he actually resembles the well-known performer. The former teen mom can't get Donovan away from Luke fast enough, but a seed has been planted. Without her knowledge, Donovan contacts Luke and asks a question as direct as it is disturbing.

Ever since Luke Willis scored a big hit, followed by a well-performing CD, he has been consumed with his career. At thirty-three and now playing smaller venues, his brief time of stardom behind him, he feels the first urges to have something else in his life. The touching letter he receives from Donovan Sterling pulls at his heartstrings, and he contacts the boy's mother to discuss how to handle the situation. What happens next makes all three of them start to wonder...Can this become their dream come true?


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