The Princess's Heart

by Samantha Lee

If I don’t have a heart, then I can’t feel any pain.
Is what Gabrielle thinks when she asks her fairy godmother to take her heart away. It is a decision that changes her life forever. For the first time in Gabrielle's life, she feels free. Gabrielle feels free enough to leave behind the grief of losing her father, the pain of living with an unbearable stepfamily, and an unrequited love. To celebrate her decision to runaway, she goes drinking and clubbing at a hot new club. Everything is going well until she passes out drunk and wakes with her leg thrown over hard muscled legs and her hand, comfortably resting on top of a well-muscled chest. What should have been a pleasant inconvenience turns into a whirlwind of cussing and well… a different kind of tussling. Can Beast win the heart Gabrielle thought she lost? Does he even want to? 

Beast can’t die because he’s trapped in a curse, and he loves it. The only way to break the curse is to find and fall in love with The One who can shatter the cage that holds his heart. Of course, he has no intention of finding The One, or falling in love with her. Until one night at his club, the axis of his world tilts when he meets strong, sassy, and dirty dancing Gabrielle, The One. Beast won’t go down without a fight, he refuses to let one woman trap him into mortality, because he’s having too much fun being a wicked immortal.


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