Customer Expectation Management: Success without Exception


Customer Expectation Management: Success without Exception

by Terry Schurter

Customer Expectation Management (CEM) is a business approach that identifies and shapes customer expectations, and once set by the company, those expectations are met without exception.

Seemingly simple ideas are often the most powerful, and the hardest to uncover. In the 20th century, it was Peter Drucker's Management by Objectives. In the 21st century, it's Management by Expectation. Author Terry Schurter reveals the simple, powerful, idea of defining your business in terms of "customer expectations." Schurter explicitly links corporate strategy down into every niche and corner of the enterprise to ensure that your business sets and meets customer expectations --without exception. Providing clear and actionable guidelines, along with examples from FedEx, Virgin Mobile, Best Buy and a budget airline, he explains what companies can do to increase the customer pipeline, convert higher percentages of that pipeline to profitability, and extend the duration of the customer relationship where profitability is at its peak.

Simply working harder at existing approaches - even excellent ones - may not be enough to retain demanding customers. As price differentials narrow and product features are quickly copied, business survival requires an unrelenting focus upon identifying and delivering additional and differentiating value for customers. Terry Schurter provides a manifesto for all those who are seeking to inspire a greater focus upon the experience of customers.
--Colin Coulson, Thomas, Professor of Direction and Leadership, University of Lincoln. Author, Winning Companies, Winning People


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