Jabberwocky Trilogy: Book Two: Hush Little Baby, Don’t You Cry

Jabberwocky Trilogy: Book Two: Hush Little Baby, Don’t You Cry

by Lotus Rose

Queen Malice and her team set off toward Jabberwock Valley, where they hope to find a new body for their friend and teammate, the woefully decapitated Jabberwock.
   Their journey will no doubt be fraught with peril, but Malice is more concerned with the crushing withdrawals she’s going through, due to running out of black rose.
   She hopes she can keep it together, despite her bouts of viciousness from a malfunctioning heart. Any further breakdowns could lead to very awkward social situations. And the team is stressed enough already, what with the agonies of a dramatic love triangle, and the threat of a powerful chief who wants to capture Malice, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear yet.
   Can they arrive at Jabberwock Valley in one piece? And without Sleepy B committing a childish mistake requiring rescue? Or without the Cheshire Cat offending any of the team with his sharp tongue? Or without Malice breaking either the Mad Hatter’s or Humpty’s heart?
   No doubt something is bound to happen. Malice just hopes she can get through the whole nerve wracking mess without having to resort to any black rose “substitutes” along the way.


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