Psychic Self-Defense and Protection

by John Culbertson

Do you feel protected against attacks from negative psychic energy?

"John has presented a straightforward approach to the essential instinct of personal protection. Basic, simple and natural. It's right in front of us, folks. But every now and then we need someone to flip a brighter light on even the most obvious of things." - From the forward by renowned spiritual medium and channel, Charles A. Filius

We live in an energy sensitive world and, like it or not, psychic stress is part of that world. This book gives you tools and tips on how to protect yourself from daily negativity.

In this beginners guide you'll learn:

  • How John has combined elements of Christianity with Paganism and New Age Philosophy
  • About the aura and how it's connected to energy attacks
  • Practical ways to tell when and if the aura has holes in it
  • How psychic & energy attacks occur and some terminology for different types of attack
  • The importance of meditation and chakra work in psychic & energy protection
  • A core protection idea that anyone can use anytime
  • The importance of the right frame of mind in psychic self-defense
  • How to set and work toward goals
  • Physical actions that themselves provide protection from psychic based attacks
  • How to maintain or restore the integrity of the aura from attacks
  • The importance of aromatherapy as a defense technique
  • Visualization processes that defend against attacks
  • The power prayer has on psychic self-defense
  • Three basic, but very effective magick methods of protection including easy candle magick
  • How to protect other people and locations from negativity and energy draining attacks
  • The practice of smudging
  • Commonly asked questions dealing with psychic & energy defense
This book will help you to raise your energy awareness and to link your energy to positive energy vibrations so you can more easily accomplish what you want in life without being drained by all the negative energy in the world.


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