The World We Live In: A Poetry Book On Societal Issues Part 3

by Jamell Crouthers

The series continues with Part 3 of the World We Live In as the 19 characters are experiencing and going through new things in their lives. Some are still struggling to get their lives right and others are making a turn for the best after certain events they have gone through. Christina gets her day in court with her perpetrators, will Kevin finally get off the streets after months of being homeless? What is Steve’s life now after all of the events he’s dealt with and gone through? How does Nathan handle all of the turmoil that’s come his way after his announcement? This is another book full of emotion, feelings and a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs with each character. As they continue to chronicle their lives, you’ll start to learn more about these characters and their struggle to heal in their lives. This is a must read if you’ve been reading the series so far!


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