Alphabet Detective: Find the Hidden Letters, Spring Version

by Birgitte Coste

Alphabet Detective: Find the Hidden Letters, Spring Version is an interactive alphabet book inspiring children to go find hidden letters in the pictures. E.g. it could be a tree shaped like a V or a signpost shaped like a T or something like that.

To help your budding detective get an idea of where to look in the photo, below each photo you'll find a small verse in rhyme that works as a cue to finding the letter.

It doesn't matter if your child doesn't yet know the letters, as each letter is clearly shown on the page, and your child just has to visually scan the photo for that particular shape.

If, despite the cue, you find that the letter remains hidden, you can always go to the end of the book, where you'll find the solution pages. Here you can see where each letter is to be found in each photo.

The Alphabet Detective, Find the Hidden Letters books exist in a winter, spring, summer and autumn version.

When you buy this product, you get all three formats: a PDF, an epub and a mobi/kindle.


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