The Giant Inside of You is Bigger than the Giant in Front of You

by Dr. Sylvia Black

  Fighting is the key to winning any battle or war against giants. If you don’t fight you have little to no chance of defeating your giant. If you do fight you have a chance at defeating your giants.

   This world is a war zone. Your neighbors are not really your neighbors.  It’s the devil disguised as your neighbor.  Or the devil may disguise himself as a city official, or a relative or even a pastor. 

  We’ve got to tire the devil out. You have got to fight so hard you make hell’s angels take a rest.

   God uses situations and circumstances that look like all hell is breaking loose. And sometimes all hell is actually breaking loose.  It looks like in the natural that you have been defeated. And while your flesh is dying your spirit is now being renewed, day by day and week to week. You feel you have lost the battle and the war against your giants. But you have not lost. It only looks like you’ve lost. But all along you have been winning and haven’t claimed the victory yet.

   God is the undefeated heavy weight champion of the world. That’s where we get our skills from.  When we got saved, sanctified and filled with the blessed Holy Ghost and fire, we were adopted onto a winning team. No longer will we be overpowered, or overwhelmed or crushed or beaten. Now we must discover the champion that is within us and stop letting our giants beat us down. It’s time to fight back. And when you fight back, fight back with all your might, and with all your strength and with all of your soul. 

   As true champions of Christ understand that we don’t use the weapons our enemies use. We use weapons that cannot fail, cannot lose and cannot be conquered. We will not be suppressed or subdued in the slightest because our God has never lost a fight. He has never lost a battle nor has He ever lost a war. And since we serve this same God, we will never lose another war, battle or fight ever again.

  That’s why I believe it’s so important for us to take authority in our thoughts, actions words and deeds.  God recently spoke to me in prayer and said don’t be afraid of the gift God gave you. So now I am embracing it. And the defeat and intimidation is disappearing because I am taking authority in my legal position in Christ.

 The basis of our authority is our position in Christ. The closer we are to God the more authority and power we possess. Spiritual authority is a gift from God to us because we serve Him.

  "I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you" (Lk 10.19)

  We have the legal right to exercise authority and power over unclean spirits (Mk 6.7); our legal right to exercise authority and power authority to heal all manner of disease (Mat 10.1); our legal right to exercise authority and power to move mountains (symbolic or otherwise) (Mat 17.20); and our legal right to exercise authority and power to announce the forgiveness of sins through Jesus (Jn 20.23) and to forgive others.

  "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2 Tim 1.7)

  We have to believe that we have authority and the ability to take control of your situation and not let your situation take control of you.

 All of us have this authority but some of us do not know it. You have as much authority and power as we choose to use.  If you allow your giants to defeat you, they will. If you fight and use what God has given you in its proper perspective of course it will work every time.

  If you let your giants run all over you then you are not exercising the authority God has already given you. When we were in sin we had no authority. We allowed the devil to take control of us. But now that we are joint heirs with Jesus Christ we have been given power and authority from high to now take control of our situation and circumstance and dictate the direction that it will go.  

       You’ve got to fight. And as you fight you have to keep on fighting.  No matter how bad it looks. You can’t stop fighting.  No matter what kind of report you received from the doctor, you can’t stop fighting.  If you stop fighting then your physical and your spiritual self will rot away as nothing and leave this world in the same sinful state they entered into this world with. The same way you used to beat your colleagues down back in the day in the street is the same way you must beat your giants down today. With the same determination that you are going to beat them down and defeat them. Your goal was to be powerful and victorious. 

  Be victorious today. Dare to take that first step into the ring and start fighting again. 


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