Abraham Lincoln and Mexico

Abraham Lincoln and Mexico

by Michael Hogan

Abraham Lincoln and Mexico gives educators and students access to factual information about Abraham Lincoln's support for Mexico, a legacy that history textbooks often ignore or distort.

The book examines Lincoln's opposition to the Mexican-American War as a freshman congressman, and his support as president to help Mexico end French occupation. It's in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, and the book was nominated for the prestigious William M. LeoGrande Prize as the best book for Latin American-US Relations. Also, every member of the US Senate has received a complimentary copy of the book from the Lincoln and Mexico Project (LAMP).

Now, the award-winning eBook version is available to educators and students through VitalSource at http://bit.ly/2AtODI1. Educators can also obtain free lesson plans to facilitate classroom discussion by sending email to lamp@lincolnandmexicoproject.org. 

In the book, historian and educator Michael Hogan relies on archival documents in government, university, and private institutions in both the US and Mexico. More than 300 citations for references are in the bibliography, and the complete texts for many of the documents are in the 137-page Appendix. The eBook version has active hyperlinks to many of the reference sources. 

Colleges and high schools with accounts at the Ingram Content Group can also order discounted print copies of the book (EAN 9780985774493) by going to https://ipage.ingramcontent.com/. To create a new account, go to https://getstarted.ingramcontent.com/. You can also send email to newaccounts@ingramcontent.com or call Ingram by phone at 800-937-8200 and select option 4 to talk with a customer representative for help.  


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