Bible Activity and Coloring Book Catalogue

Bible Activity and Coloring Book Catalogue

by Dr. Sylvia Black

I am pleased to announce my new line of biblical coloring and activity books available for sale. These books are not just for children but also for adults. Find out why Jonah was swallowed up by the whale and how the whale didn’t eat him up. Find out how Job recovered from a terrible sickness and got double for his trouble. Find out how a virgin could get pregnant or how a woman that was way past child bearing years had a baby naturally. Learn about Adam and Eve and who beguiled who? Learn about the love a father has for his son in the Prodigal Son. Find out how a family could betray their own brother and break their father’s heart. These books are filled with bible scriptures and passages on that character. The book also has puzzles, games, pages to color, songs to sing, a summary and questions and answers with the scripture. Books are being updated regularly. We accept all major credit cards. All proceeds to benefit Highway to Heaven Church Building Fund. Order online at www.BooksGaloreAndMore.Com


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