Unstoppable: A Memoir of Adversity, Perseverance & Triumph


Unstoppable: A Memoir of Adversity, Perseverance & Triumph

by Simone Edwards with Jobi Tyson

Trailblazer Simone Edwards, the first Caribbean player in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) tells her inspirational journey of persevering through every obstacle, remaining dedicated to the hard work that ultimately earned her a championship. The road to glory is never easy, and this memoir of one of the most dominant rebounders to ever play the game of basketball, reveals the heart and soul of a true champion and the obstacles she overcame on her path to greatness. The 6'4" former center, dubbed as the "Jamaican Hurricane," was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. In her heartfelt memoir, Unstoppable, Edwards reveals the harsh realities of growing up poor in a gang-infested village and how she found the inner strength to maintain hope in the face of opposition. Edwards gives readers an insider's view of college and professional basketball as well as competing internationally, revealing obstacles and triumphs she experienced on her journey. Unstoppable is raw and powerful, yet filled with the humor and personality Edwards has become known for. It is a captivating portrait of one woman's relentless pursuit of a dream and her unwavering determination not to allow her circumstances to dictate her future.


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