The Minigolfer's Guide to Marketing


The Minigolfer's Guide to Marketing

by Richard Gottfried

This marketing and communications guide has been designed for anyone interested or involved in minigolf.

Minigolf is a sport for all. People of all ages, sexes, backgrounds and abilities can pick up a putter and play the game.

This means there are a huge amount of stories to tell and positive aspects to highlight to potential players, the media, sponsors and the wider sporting community.

If you are on the committee of a club this guide should give you some ideas, inspiration and support.

Similarly, national and continental associations can use the guide to help with ideas, approaches and inspiration to support players and clubs, as well as maximising opportunities to promote events.

Individual players will benefit from using the guide as it shows how important their role in highlighting achievements and performances can contribute to the international minigolf community.


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