Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation [2017 Edition]


Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation [2017 Edition]

by Richard Napier

Oracle Policy Automation is Oracle's innovative family of applications designed to capture, manage and deploy legislation and other document-based policies. OPA features natural language rule modelling, advanced graphical interviews and a wide range of deployment options for desktops, mobile devices and integrations.

About This Oracle Policy Automation Book

In this practical, accessible book - covering up to version 12 - November 2016 Release - join leading OPA trainer Richard Napier as he takes you on a journey into the universe of OPA including projects, rules, functions, testing, debugging, and much more. By the end of the book, you will have a high value working knowledge of OPA and how to use it in the real world. This book is a superb standalone resource or perfect complement to your Oracle University OPA Training.


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