High Contrast


High Contrast

by Ian Thomas Healy

A collection of eight tales ranging from horror to superhero, science fiction to post-apocalyptic, that examine the darker aspects of the world.

-Bread and Circuses: This weary warrior has been fighting battles for a very long time.

-Dental Plan: Robert's teeth are falling out left and right, sometimes only minutes apart. What is happening to him?

-Footprints in the Butter: When the creatures showed up, it was only the beginning of Paul's waking nightmare.

-Last Year's Hero: Battledriver Linnea is the best of the best, but now is she too old to come back for one more season?

-Pedals: Once the gasoline ran out, the only way for the wasteland wanderers to get around was on bicycles.

-Tracks: Being a hacker isn't so glamorous.

-Boy Scout: When the most powerful superhero has had enough, what chance does the world stand?

-1001001: All sentients seek something greater than themselves, even robots.


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