How to Use a Spectrophotometer


How to Use a Spectrophotometer

by Richard A. Neuhaus

This guide booklet is written to help you succeed with a science project that requires the use of a spectrophotometer. Author provides details on equipment and procedures. Colored images and illustrations augment the text.

Topics discussed

  • Light and Color
  • The Choice of Instrument
  • Guts of a Spectrophotometer
  • How the System Works – Guts and All
  • How to Find the Analytical Wavelength of a Substance
  • Generic Operating Instructions
  • The Importance of the Blank
  • Plastic Versus Glass
  • Matching Cuvettes
  • Sample Concentration
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • The Standard Curve
  • Preparation of Solutions
  • The Setup
  • Procedure
  • Protein Analysis
  • How to Use the Standard Curve
  • Testing of an Unknown Protein
  • Cleaning Up
  • Other Methods of Protein Assay
  • The Filter Colorimeter
  • References


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