Methods of Chromatography


Methods of Chromatography

by Richard A. Neuhaus

This guide booklet describes some of the basic techniques used to separate and identify chemicals. Excellent photographs and illustrations throughout.

Methods and topics discussed:-

Paper Chromatography

A Simple Experiment Tells All • Chromatography • How the Method of Paper Chromatography Works • Solvents • The Spot Technique of Paper Chromatography • Materials Needed • Matching Controls • Reagents • Preparation of Unidentified Mixtures Prior to Separation • Some Hazardous Solvents to Avoid • Selecting a Solvent • Some Visualization Reagents • Quantitative Analysis.

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)

How to Coat Glass Microscope Slides • TLC Kits • Solvents.

Adsorption column chromatography

Microscale Columns • Packing the Column • Sample Preparation • The Macroscale Technique • Elution • Bands • Experimental Conditions • Sorbent Selection Table.

Gel filtration

Example Project.

Other systems of chromatography

Electrophoresis • Other Methods

Suggested Projects

Variables for Further Study • A Final Note on All Techniques



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