Science Projects: How to Collect, Analyze, and Present Your Data

by Richard A. Neuhaus

An intuitive approach to the statistics for the high school student. Emphasizes scientific method of analysis, graphing techniques, and use of computers for statistical analysis. Examples in this 184-page book suggest many science projects. Included is a unique flowchart to aid the student in selecting the appropriate statistical test. Also included are numerous illustrations and a variety of photographs of winning science fair projects. A comprehensive Index rounds out this well-written book.

Chapter Headings

What Do You Hope to "Prove"? • What You Should Know about Collecting Data • When to Use Significant Figures • How to Organize Your Data in Tables • Do You Need Life Tables? • How to Make Better Line Graphs • Do You Need a Standard Curve? • When and How to Make Bar Graphs • How to Select a Proper Statistical Test • Ways to Analyze Your Data • Calculators and Computers That Do the Statistical Work for You • What Are the Odds That You are Right?


Glossary of Terms Frequently Used in Software Programs of Statistics • Bibliography • Recommended Reading ("Oldies but Goodies") • Where to Find the Software for Statistics and Graphs • Symbols Used in the Text.


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