China Rising— Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations

by Jeff J. Brown

CHINA RISING, the latest book by the author of 44 Days Backpacking in China: The Middle Kingdom in the 21st Century, is one of the most engaging political travelogues in recent memory; a comprehensive, absorbing, eye-opening guide to China in the 21st century, a volume that in 700 pp packs it all: history, personal memory, sociology, political analysis. and above all a fair amount of first-hand information designed to clean the Western reader's mind from the constant lies served by the Western media in support of Washington's global imperialist agenda. The result is a thorough rectification, a "deprogramming" of just about everything we, as Westerners, have been "taught" to believe about China, allowing us to see the Chinese people and their leaders as they really are—ordinary human beings just like us with dreams, foibles, defects and a proud history extending millennia, a people that in a century have overcome just about every scourge known to man: famines, massive drug addiction, civil wars, invasions, grinding poverty and humiliation, to become one of the great powers of this century, perhaps the greatest.


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